Frequently Asked Questions


PHCA is a state-chartered school for grades K-6.  It is accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and received the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award in 2001 from the U.S. Dept. of Education.


Teachers are born again believers, state and ACSI certified.  They are dedicated professionals who engage in self-renewal and staff development activities annually.


Content area is examined in detail.  During the course of study review, sample curriculum is solicited from a variety of publishers, both Christian and secular.  Selection of a publisher must meet our criteria for excellence and parallel our course of study goals and objectives.  Teachers are required to integrate biblical application in their weekly lesson plans in all subject matter.


The first step in the enrollment process is a Parent Interview with the Administrator and an Academy teacher.  At least one parent will be asked to present a clear, Christian testimony during the interview.  We will share our mission and desire to partner with your family and your church in educating your child in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord.


Prospective kindergartners are screened in March using a multi-factored diagnostic analysis.  Each child circulates through a number of different stations in which readiness skills are assessed.  Decisions regarding who will be selected are predicated on the child’s performance on the screening instrument.Other factors which have a bearing on who is selected are as follows: at least one parent exhibits a clear Christian testimony, the child has a sibling already enrolled at PHCA, the child had attended Sonshine Preschool, and whether the family of the child attends or is a member of Parma Heights Baptist Church.


Families come from many different denominations.  Enrolling families are not required to be of the Baptist affiliation.  All Bible classes teach biblically-based Christianity but do not espouse any particular denominational doctrine.  The New International Version (NIV) Bible is utilized in all classes.  Bible classes are held the first period each day, with Thursdays reserved for chapel service.


PHCA is a ministry to the Christian community, located on the campus of Parma Heights Baptist Church at 8971 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma Heights, Ohio.  Housed in the Family Education Wing, this facility encompasses grades K-6, and includes a cafeteria, an art room, a library, a twenty-five unit computer lab, a full-size gymnasium and a music facility.


Students of families requiring an early AM drop off, may arrive to school as early as 7:00 AM and report to the Family Life Center (gymnasium) where a caregiver is on duty (at no additional cost).

Students should arrive at school by 8:00 AM each day to prepare for the activities of the day.  Classes begin at 8:15 AM and conclude at 2:30 PM.


Before school care is available free of charge from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.  After school care is available from 3:00 to 6:00 PM for a fee of $3.00 per hour ($1.50 per half-hour or any portion thereof).


Computer instruction is offered by a certified teacher to all grade levels.  A comprehensive curriculum in this area assures that students are computer literate at the end of their elementary career.


All grade levels are instructed by certified teachers in art, music, physical education and library one or two days each week.


As a state chartered school, an alliance exists between the Parma City School District and PHCA in offering special needs assessment and necessary services as determined.  Our level of state funding gives us the ability to serve a small number of special needs cases.  Specialized staff includes a remedial teacher, intervention tutor, speech pathologist and a psychologist as needed.


Admission to this program is based on teacher referral and scholastic potential as demonstrated on report cards and standardized achievement measurements.  Students selected for participation in this pull-out program meet with their instructor once a week for 40-minute sessions and engage in activities and projects which stimulate creative, critical and inferential thinking.


Hot Lunches are served Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Lunches are ordered in advance on a monthly basis, at a cost of $3.00.  Milk is available at a cost of $0.30.  Costs are subject to change.


Extra-curricular sports programs are offered as interest levels warrant.  PHCA has competed well in girls and boys basketball, boys soccer and girls volleyball with other area Christian schools.


There are Christian junior/senior high schools located within a 10 – 30 minute drive of PHCA.


Tuition is competitive allowing two different payment options and various discounts.  A discount can be given to those families who pay in full by August 20th and a multi-child discount is given for second and subsequent siblings.

Following a successful parent interview, testing is scheduled.  Our application/testing fee is $25 per student.  Upon completion of successful testing a registration fee of $100 per student is collected (maximum $200 per family).

A convenient direct payment plan is offered through FACTS Management.  Families may choose to pay in full by August 20th (discount applies), the 50/50-payment plan by paying half by August 20th and the remainder by December 20th, or they may make 10 monthly payments from August 20th through May 20th.  Payments are deducted electronically from the parents’ choice of either checking or savings accounts or through a credit card (additional fee applied).


PHCA students do not have a “uniform”, however, there is a basic dress code.  Girls and boys may wear solid color dress pants and a solid color 2-3 button collared polo style shirt.  Girls may wear solid color or plaid (French Toast approved plaid) A-line or pleated skirts/jumpers and a solid color 2-3 button collared polo style shirt.  For chapel day (Thursday) girls must wear skirt/jumper and white dress blouse and boys must wear dress pants, white dress shirt and tie.