Parent Teacher Fellowship

The PTF, or Parent-Teacher Fellowship, is a group consisting of all parents or guardians of enrolled students and the teachers of PHCA. Our purpose is to provide a clear channel of communication between the home and school while working closely together in accomplishing the objectives of our Academy with a heart and attitude of service to our Lord. We also aim to foster close harmony between parents and staff, help maintain the high standard of excellence, assist in nurturing high spiritual and moral values, provide a source of funding for special non-budgeted items or activities, and to encourage teachers and build moral.

There are many opportunities for service throughout the year in the classroom, library, art and field trips just to name a few. We invite and encourage every family to become an active part of the PTF.  Through our collective efforts we can build upon our rich heritage in service to our Lord.  PTF meets the first Tuesday of each month during the school year (unless otherwise noted) in the Teacher’s Lounge at 7:00 pm and ALL parents are welcome to attend.

PTF Board

President:  Nirmala Krieger

Vice President:  Tammy Dors

Secretary:  Robin Walters

Treasurer:  Lea Smith

Historian:  Char Harner

Head Room Mom Coordinator:  Alika Certo

Box Tops Coordinator:   Mary Kay Herman

Community Resources:   Kathleen Seeholzer

Moms In Prayer:   Tawnya Kraus

Sunshine/Hospitality:   Lucitta Cummings

Teacher Appreciation:   Grace Adams

Bake Sale:  Crystal Chahulski


Head Room Moms

KindergartenJulie Patten

1st gradeMary Ann Miller

2nd gradeMadelyn Parone

3rd gradeMary Kay Herman

4th gradeKatia Kautzman

5th gradeMerideth Miller

6th gradeAlla Yakimiv