The Academy conducts its annual magazine drive to raise money for programs and activities to benefit our children.  Although subscriptions and renewals are accepted all year, there are prizes and contests the students work towards in the fall.  Orders can be placed through a student or over the internet.  Go to,  and enter our school name: Parma Hts. Christian Academy.  Our school earns 40% from each sale.



BOWL-A-THON (March 10)

Going into our 12th year, the Bowl-A-Thon has proven to be an exciting time for our students and staff.  Two months of contests, activities, rewards and excitement spread out over those long winter months.  Students take pledges from family & friends and then show off their skills at the big bowling event.  This fundraiser which asks sponsors for a flat donation has brought in over $15,000 to our annual budget each year and makes the winter blahs obsolete.

Many companies will match your donation to a non-profit organization.  Click on the following link to see over 600 companies with a Matching Gift Program.

Companies with Matching Donation Programs




The first Saturday in May has become a hugely anticipated community event sponsored by our PTF.  With donations and volunteers from our Academy & Church families, we take our unneeded everyday items and turn our gym into the largest Garage Sale under one roof.  We have brought in over $8,000 in one day, but the impact on our community is our passion.  Store your donations in an attic or closet until the Wednesday before the sale; which is when we start setting up and receiving donations for the event.  Also, mark your calendar to volunteer during those three days of set up and sale.  It’s a guarantee you’ll be blessed even before that weekend is finished.


Year Round

Shopping Card Program

Our Shopping Card Program is another way you can leave part of your dollar at the Academy throughout the year.  But every time you reach $2,000 in Shopping Card purchases (gas, groceries, home improvement projects, dinner out, etc.), you will receive an extra $50 in Cards as a reward.  That’s a 2.5% rebate just for stopping here before you shop.  Look through our list of Shopping Cards and take notice of those businesses you already frequent.  Stop by the Academy office, or on Sundays between services at Parma Heights Baptist Church at the Academy table in the glass walkway – before you shop.  (Kohl’s will actually let you pay your bill with our shopping cards.)  And don’t forget you can use our Giant Eagle cards to purchase any other cards that they carry—then you’ll accumulate fuel perks to save on gas as well!  This program typically adds between $10,000 and $15,000 towards our annual budget.

Shopping Card Order Form


Other Fundraising Programs

Not all fundraising costs you extra money.  Quite often you already use or shop where companies are excited to donate towards the furtherance of education.  Our PTF collects and participates in the following Programs throughout the year:

  • BoxTop$– Box Tops for Education can be found on most General Mills and Betty Crocker products.  Trim your box tops on the lines (this will save the coordinator from having to trim them all while bundling) and turn in to your classroom.  Watch for various turn-in contests.  – We earn 10¢ in cash for each box top we receive!!  BoxTop sheet – Cut out your BoxTop$ and glue or paste them onto this sheet.   If you fill it up with 50 boxtops, that is $5 for our school.
  • Giant Eagle’s – Apples for the Students:    Your purchases can earn points for the Academy every time you use your Giant Eagle Advantage Card.  Just go online at and under My School Programs enter our school name or enter our code. – School Code #2657
  • Heinen’s ABC – School Donation Program:   A cash donation of up to 1% of your purchases from September through April will be given to our school.  To register call 216-475-2300 ext#2337.
  • French Toast  Buying school uniforms?  Shop online at or call 1-800-373-6248 or 1-800-373-6248 and PHCA will earn 5% back for every order.  – PHCA source code: QS44QQM


Friday Bake Sale – On some Fridays, one class is responsible for bringing in bakery (cookies, cupcakes, donuts, etc.) to be sold to students during lunchtime for a quarter each.

Christmas Gift Shop – (December 18 – 20) The week before Christmas break our coordinator sets up a store where students can do their own Christmas shopping for family and friends.  The shop is stocked with a wide range of gifts for all family members and priced from under a dollar to about $5.

Volleyball & Basketball Concessions – Each year PHCA hosts some of our league volleyball and basketball games.  PTF purchases all the items for concessions.


Thank you for supporting Parma Heights Christian Academy!